Mr. Vijay Mudgal

Chairman & Founder, Agilo Skill India

Contact: +91 – 9810301345



Agilo Skill India follows the tradition to provide high quality courses and facilities. Agilo team is committed to develop the professionals with top most market standards. The world today stands at the pinnacle of education & business. Therefore, being skilled is essential for professional as well as personal growth. Being skilled is the ladder to success in all the sectors.

Students generally find themselves in the ocean of confusion and dilemma when it comes to their career. Usually students do not know how from where to start. Agilo works for the development of the youth and enhance the youth to groom according to the needs of the modern industry. We provide a platform to the students where they can start their career. Today students are enlightened and focused. They need just a ray of guidance. I feel proud to be that ray of guidance. I have full faith in the youth of India and I wish for their development and success.